Scratch Removal

Scratch, graffiti and hard water removal

Residential Scratch and Hard Water Removal

Many home owners still ignore all the benefits of glass restoration.
For a fraction of the replacement cost, we can restore, distortion free, 95% of glass damage.

Window Cleaning Whistler cans take care of :
Window Cleaning
Shower door restoration
Sprinkler over spray restoration
Hard water stain removal
Sand paper or claws scratches removal
Fabrication damage repair

Less than the third of replacement cost.
No windows polluting our landfills.
No contractor making a mess changing windows.

Store Graffiti and Hard water Removal

Everyone knows that one graffiti will incite more graffiti artist to put their touch on you establishment as well. The only way to fix that used to be changing the window pane. This process is really expensive and time consuming. Some owner remedy this problem by putting on window wrap but this cut the light in you store and all your potential customers can’t see what you have to offer.

Now, there is a third solution. Window Cleaning Whistler can remove, distortion free, 95% of glass damage.
Window Cleaning Whistler can take care of your :
• Window cleaning
• Hard water stain removal
• Scratch repair
• Removal of damage from acid etching or graffiti
• Fabrication damage repair
We can also repair flat display glass!!

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