Roof Cleaning

before after roof

Why should I clean my roof?

That black discoloration on your roof is not just an eye sore or even dirt, it is actually harmful living organisms that are using your roof for nutrients to grow. Protect your health and your investment by having your roof washed.

Dirty roof


Gloeocaspa magma / black streaks are the biggest eye sore you will have to deal with



Lichen are the nastiest pests your roof will have



Moss will grow under and around shingles, detaching them from the roof and create water infiltration.

What should you ask your roof cleaning specialist?

How would you access my roof?
We clean 95% of every roof by spraying how special solution from ladders, we try to walk on roof as little as possible when they are wet. There is risk of leaving foot print and loosen the asphalt rocks or damage the cedar grain.
Pressure or no pressure?
NO PRESSURE, we saw and heard to many horror story, you should not even consider pressure. The pressure will damage the roof faster than the moss and lichen.
Any risk for my landscape?
We always make sure to deviate or bag the downspouts to ensure the roof cleaning solution do not go in the landscape. During the application of the solution, we always have at least one person watering fragile area to dilute the solution even more.
Are you rinsing my roof once done?
It depends on the roof material and what is growing on it. For asphalt roof, we apply the solutions and let the sun cook all the organism and active chemicals and let mother nature rinse it.
For cedar shingle, we do rinse after a dwelling time. Cedar is more sensitive and only use hose pressure to rinse and neutralized the cedar. Once the roof is cleaned, neutralized and dry, we also offer 3 colors of staining if you would like a new exterior look.
Do you have insurance, WCB?
We carry a 5 Million dollar liability insurance and all our employees are covered by WCB. Our coverage certificates are only one click away.

Protect your health and investment by having your roof washed
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