HOA/Property manager

We can help you with:

Window Cleaning:

Whether you’re looking for Exterior only or Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning, we’ve got you covered!  We have the ability to clean windows up to 5 stories from the ground. We do traditional squeegee cleaning and also use a pure water system that is not only as efficient as traditional window cleaning, but help keeping your landscape intact by minimising the use of ladders.


Building/House Washing:

A sparkling clean building says a lot about your business!  And beyond just looking good, a clean building exterior reflects your company’s stability, success, and a professional image. We can help with exterior wall washing, rooftop cleaning, awning cleaning and more!


Gutter Cleaning:

Each gutter cleaning service includes our 7 point inspection: Clearing gutters of all debris, checking that rivets are secure, downspouts are clear of any blockage, ensuring all hangers are attached, performing a water flow test, checking all seals for leaks, and lastly checking the systems pitch.


Concrete Cleaning:

Hot Water Cleaning makes your business better!  Your business is literally surrounded by concrete surfaces, making it vital for your company image that these surfaces are kept clean, safe & inviting. We can help you clean Storefronts/Entrances, Sidewalk Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Oil/Grease& Rust Removal, Gum Removal and more!


Weather you need you need help for a single house or a multi-unit properties, give us a shout and it will be a pleasure to provide you with a free estimate.

We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship.